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Lawnlay Topsoil and Grass Seed Package 2

Fantastic Value 40 x 25kg bags of Lawnlay topsoil and two bags of grass seed


Lawnlay Topsoil and Grass seed package

40 x 25kg Bags of Lawnlay Topsoil and 2 x 2.5kg Bags of Formal Grass Seed without Rye grass.

There is enough soil and seed here to reseed 140 sq metres and its great seed with dual purpose heavy or light use.

In regards to preparing your seed bed you must level the site first to ensure you will end up with a nice level lawn. Pour you lawnlay on to the prepared site and level as much as possible,rake the soil one way then rake the other to pull the surface about untill you have a nice flat surface.

Seeding can be done by hiring a hand held grass seeder.

Once the grass seed had been applied the area must be rolled to a) firm the surface aiding the establishment of the seed and hold the moisture in and b) keep them pesky birds from raiding the grass seed.

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