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  Our Topdressing is a mix of 30% sand and 70% screened topsoil, designed particularly to aid drainage and reseed bare patches on garden lawns as well as football pitches and cricket grounds.

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Topdressing is a blend of our finest topsoil together with a very fine sand and an amount of fine compost to fertilise the affected area, the result is a product which is ideal for levelling your lawns, golfing greens and cricket pitches.

Top dressing adds a fine layer of soil to the surface of the lawn in order to improve the quality of the underlying soil, encouraging healthy new growth and helping to improve drainage. It also helps even out any lumps and bumps on the surface.

Best used in the autumn, the lawn to be dressed should be prepared first – aerate any compacted areas with a garden fork, and scarify with a rake to remove dead grass and moss. Then spread or brush over a thin .layer of top dressing, ensuring the grass isn’t buried

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