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Topsoil and a Truck = Mobile Garden

How do you grow food in the big city if you ain’t got no land?

Easy – do what these Brooklynites did and start a Truck Farm!

This may seem a little unorthodox but when you think about it, it make perfect sense in a concrete jungle.

The truck farm isn’t just a truck filled with topsoil no no! It has holes for drainage, an erosion blanket, drainage mat and cup which are typically reserved for green roofs.

Even the soil used in the truck farm is unique, it’s not just regular compost it’s a special lightweight blend of Styrofoam, gel, organics and clay. Talk about an amazing way to recycle Styrofoam.

The guys behind the truck farm Wicked Delicate are making videos about the farms progress. We’ve found episodes one and two for you below. Enjoy.

We’ll keep you updated but you can always check out our inspiration for this post. Remember to keep your eye on Wicked Delicate in the near future for updates on the truck farm.